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Experiencing Art

through Dance

and Movement.


Danced Museum Tours are guided experiences in which the participants are using dance and movement to connect and interact with exhibited artwork. When dancing and moving, we become an extension of the artist´s work and intensify our experience as observers.

Becoming a

Pro-sumer of Art.

Participants are encouraged to step into a dialogue with each other. Surprisingly ease we can see and understand what others feel in response to the exhibited pieces. Joining this personal interplay does not only connect us with artists and their work, but also with other dancing participants.


in a group setting.

It´s all about physical and emotional experimentation. Dance and movement are great vehicles to dive deeper into one´s individual perception when experiencing art. When we ask ourselves what does this piece make me feel we subsequently need to ask: How can I express this feeling?

Physical & Emotional


“I always liked to interact actively with artwork [...] But I had not imagined doing so with my Body, in contrast, to solely viewing and listening. I felt so free with Gabriela and the group. It was difficult to stop dancing afterward.”


Professor of History of Art Media

University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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